Lipofilling-Preparation and application

Lipocube™ - Fat in aesthetic medicine

Treatment with the patient's own fat is a procedure in which the patient's own fat tissue is harvested from areas of the body that appear to be unflattering and re-transplanted to other areas. The aim is to improve the appearance of the client/patient (fat grafting).

The following treatments are in the foreground:

  • Wrinkle correction
  • Volume corrections in the genital area
  • Breast augmentation
  • Improvements of skin texture
  • Scars treatment
  • Correction of tissue defects
  • Treatment of burned skin
  • Reconstruction after breast-conserving cancer surgery
  • Adjustment of asymmetries of the breast shape

This treatment is also called autologous fat transplantation, autologous fat transfer or lipotransfer. In order to guarantee a successful lipotransfer, it is important to prepare the fat cells as optimally as possible. The material obtained (autologous fat) is then immediately applied (injected) in the correct zone in an optimal dose.

For both steps, the own fat preparation as well as the own fat application, ibita offers ideal tools, which make the process faster, safer and therefore more reproducible.

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The Lipocube™ Nanocube™ is a mechanical single-use system for processing lipoaspirate (autologous adipose tissue) into milli-, micro- and nanofat grafts depending on the transfer depth.

In the fully enclosed Lipocube™ Nanocube, adipose tissue is filtered using patented blades and the resulting flow pattern. The processed fat contains fiber with regenerative cells. This leads to rapid revascularization of the fat in the injected area. The transplant uptake is thus strongly favored.

Nano fat grafting is a revolutionary new treatment whose popularity is growing exponentially in medical aesthetics to fill volume, contour facial shape and improve skin quality.

Milli, micro or nannofat is used depending on the application. Graft size and its components determine whether it is milli-, micro- or nannofat.

The Lipocube™ Nanocube™ is a mechanical preparation system for lipoaspirate (the autologous adipose tissue) for easy preparation of milli-, micro- and nanofat grafts.


Particle size: < 2.4 mm

Anatomical location:

Bone overlay grafts, bandage grafts, fat lifts, deep fat compartments.

Deep facial areas:
  • Ligament tightening
  • Periperiosteal full face
  • zygomatic arch, mandibular arch, bone support
  • Ligamental
  • Midface, prezygomatic premaxillary deep fat pads
  • SOOF
  • Buccal fat space


Particle size: < 1.2 mm

Anatomical location:

Superficial fat compartments

Superficial fat replacement:
  • Forehead
  • Peri-oral
  • Chin
  • Hands


Particle size: < 2.4 mm

Anatomical location:


Intradermal (SNIFF)

Mesotherapie, Topical Microneedling

Superficial fat replacement:

  • Superficial fat replacement
  • Intradermal injections
  • Peri-oral and peri-orbital mesotherapy
  • superficial (topical) application