HYABELL® Hyaluronic acid filler

Made in Germany Filler

The most frequent complaints from patients after injecting fillers are that the duration of action (shelf life) is too short and that the volume effect is weak. Both factors also have a direct impact on treatment costs for patients.

Against this background and after more than five years of intensive research, ADODERM developed the innovative "Monophasic Particle Technology" (MPT) in 2005. The Monophasic Particle Technology (MPT) offers numerous advantages to patients and users alike.

Hyabelle® Hyaluronic acid filler Products:

Hyabelle® Lips

HYABELL® LIPS redifines lip contours and generates perfect volume. In addition, the corners of the mouth are slightly lifted, which generates attractiveness.

0.3% lydocaine

12 mg/ml hyaluronic acid gel

6-9 months effect

Hyabelle® Basic

HYABELL® BASIC fills and smoothes shallow to medium deep wrinkles and helps you maintain your youthful appearance, also ideal for lip augmentation.

0.3% lydocaine

16 mg/ml hyaluronic acid gel

6-9 months effect


HYABELL® DEEP supports the anti-aging process and is mainly used to correct deep wrinkles.

0.3% lidocaine

20 mg/ml hyaluronic acid gel

9-10 months effect

Hyabelle® Ultra

HYABELL® ULTRA is applied subcutaa, to correct deep wrinkles and to build up facial areas.

0.3% lidocaine

24 mg/ml hyaluronic acid gel

12-14 months effect

Who is allowed to apply hyaluronic acid fillers?

Please observe the national as well as cantonal laws of Swiss Medic as well as the cantonal offices / health authorities. You can find more information on this under the relevant professional designations (see also button below).

Our offer with hyaluronic acid fillers is explicitly directed to physicians or trained professionals under the direct control and responsibility of a physician.

Hyaluronic acid - filler expert Dr. Weidmann injects HYABELL filler with the segmental technique in lip augmentation.

Hyaluronic acid - expert Dr. Weidmann injects HYABELL into a deep nasolabial fold using the tower technique.

Hyaluronic acid expert Dr. Alsoufi injects HYABELL as cheekbone injection with facelifting effect. In addition, he injects the hyaluronic acid filler with a cannula technique and subcutaneously.

Hyaluronic acid - expert Dr. Weidmann injects HYABELL hyaluronic acid into a deep nasolabial fold using the Tower-Technique