Regenerative medicine as a forward-looking treatment method with Lipocube™.

Lipocube™ is a medical device company based in London, established to develop, design, patent and market medical devices based on the processing of human adipose tissue, primarily for use in regenerative medicine, as well as other medical fields such as orthopaedics and cardiovascular.

Two patents have been filed. From these, two medical products have already been developed, tested and manufactured with the participation of leading scientists and surgeons.

One of the devices was developed for the mechanical isolation of SVF from autologous fat, the other for the processing of adipose tissue from milli- to micro- and nanofat for use in regenerative medicine.

Practitioners as well as patients benefit sustainably from the extensive technological steps taken by Lipocube™. Further steps will follow!

«Whether you understand this yet or you will soon learn it, this is a company you should keep an eye on. All of us that are involved are involved for one reason:
Because the Science is outstandig!»

Dr. med. Steven Cohen

Lipocube™ Products:

Lipocube™ Nanocube is the revolutionary tool for grease processing and transfer. Lipocube™ developed for Milli / Micro / Nanofat processing


The Lipocube™ Nanocube™ is a single-use mechanical system for processing lipoaspirate (autologous fat tissue) into milli-, micro- and nano-fat grafts depending on the transfer depth.

Standardised processing of fat is a key to sustainable and successful treatment. This is where the Lipocube™ Nanocube™ sets new standards

Lipocube™ SVF is probably the best mechanical fat stem cell processing tool. Lipocube™ has a comparable cell yield to the banned collagenase


The Lipocube™ SVF system, together with the method developed by Lipocube™ specialists called SVM (Stomal Vascular Matrix), enables maximum stem cell yield, purely mechanically and without a GMP process.

(*Adipose-derived Stromal Vascular Matrix (SVM): a new paradigm in regenerative medicine)

Lipocube™ PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) preparation system is highly efficient and cost-effective.


Sufficient quantities at a reasonable price is a key factor in any PRP therapy. This is where the Lipocube PRP System is the optimal system.

The tube-based system supports fast and uncomplicated PRP extraction.

Lipocube™ Scientific Board

These top-class specialists are the driving forces behind the innovative work that Lipocube™ does. They are among the top specialists in their field and not only have years of experience as surgeons, but have been working with Lipocube™ systems for some time.

Dr. Steven Cohen is a member of the Lipocube™ medical board and a leading San Diego plastic surgeon.

Dr. Steven R. Cohen

Kai-Uwe Schaludraff, MD, is a leading plastic surgeon from Geneva! He is part of the Lipocube™ Advisory Board and regularly does webinars and trainings for Lipocube™.

Dr. Kai - Uwe Schlaudraff

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tunç Tiryaki is co-developer of Lipocube™ and leading user in the field of SVF and SVM. He is a member of the Lipocube™ Advisory Board and has already published several papers on the topic of stem cells / fat / preparation of fat and stem cells.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tunç Tiryaki

Dr Aris Sterodimas is a leading plastic surgeon from Greece with a very large expertise in surgery. He is a member of the Lipocube™ Advisory Board.

Dr. Aris Sterodimas

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