Lipocube™ Accessories

Lipocube™ has developed various accessories to optimize fat extraction and fat application.

With the Lipocube™ accessories you have the possibility to make your fat transfers even easier, faster and more cost-efficient.

Lipocube™ Heavy Duty Body Harvester

Description Lipocube™ Heavy Duty Body Harvester.

A reusable multi-channel harvester with blunt microports. The 3-hole configuration allows for suction in both forward and reverse movements.

  • length (mm): 200
  • diameter outside (mm): 3
  • Number of holes: 3
  • Tip type: Blunt

Lipocube™ Neck Harvester

Description Lipocube™ Neck Harvester.

Rounded, reusable blunt tip that easily passes through soft tissue without trauma or potential problems

  • length (mm): 150
  • diameter outside (mm): 2
  • Number of holes: 1
  • Tip type: Blunt

Lipocube™ StemCell Harvester

Description Lipocube™ StemCell Harvester.

A reusable multi-port harvester with 1 mm high sharp microports. The 8-hole configuration allows harvesting in both forward and reverse motion.

  • Length (mm): 200
  • Diameter outside (mm): 3
  • Number of holes: 8
  • Tip type: Sharp

Lipocube™ Spoon Injector

Description Lipocube™ Spoon Injector

Blunt, reusable fat application cannula with a larger opening for rapid injection.

  • Length (mm): 70
  • Outer diameter (mm): 1.6
  • Number of holes: 1
  • Tip type: Blunt

Lipocube™ Syringe Lock (Syringe blocker)

Description Lipocube™ Syringe Lock (syringe blocker).

Fat suction by hand is not always just comfortable, with the Syringe Lock from Lipocube™ supports it perfectly. The locks fit ideally into the syringe plunger. The syringe plunger is drawn up in the tissue and the Lock is hooked in the back, once completely drawn up with vacuum, the Lock blocks the syringe and thus allows you a more relaxed aspiration.

  • These syringe locks are available for 3 syringe sizes:
  • 10ml
  • 20ml
  • 30ml

Lipocube™ Syringe Stand (Syringe stand)

Description Lipocube™ Syringe Stand (Syringe Stand).

The Syringe Stand provides space for 50ml/20ml/10ml and 1ml syringes. The Syringe Stand can be sterilized and is therefore suitable for use in the operating room

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