Mesoinjector U225®

The world's least painful mesoinjector

A positive patient experience is a key factor for successful treatment

With the technical expertise and know-how "Made in France", NEEDLE CONCEPT has developed a reliable, ergonomic and easy-to-use mesoinjector for right- and left-handed users.

With the U225® mesoinjector, treatments can be performed on the face as well as the whole body; consistently, repeatedly, with a wide range of injection rates, quickly and practically pain-free.

Users of the U225® appreciate:

  • the comfort for the patient (low pain even on the scalp)
  • the precision of the settings
  • the possible high injection frequencies
  • single injections or up to 420 injections per minute
  • variable injection depths from 1-10 mm, visually controllable
  • easy implementation and operation
  • the handiness and light weight
  • reliability of the system
  • low cost of consumables

Patients feel nothing thanks to the fine, sharp needles (27G, 30G, 31G) and the extremely high injection speed. The separation of needle and syringe (only the needle moves during treatment) also means that no unpleasant vibrations are transmitted to the patient.

With the U225® mesoinjector, you get a system that stands for durability and quality.

Mesoinjector U225® probably the least painful mesotherapy tool in the world.

U225® von NeedleConcept® ist ein druckluft betriebenes Mesotherapie System zur Applikation von PRP / Nanofett / Mesococktail (CELLBOOSTER®)

Compressed air and mechanics are the key:

Das Mesotherapie Gerät U225® ist nicht nur besonders schmerzarm sondern auch medizinisch Zugelassen.

Es befindet sich wenig Elektronik im Gerät was dieses Gerät wesentlich angenehmer in der Handhabung macht.

Mesotherapy, regardless of whether PRP, HA cocktail or CELLBOOSTER is applied, is much more pleasant for the patient if there is practically no pain. This is where the U225® mesoinjector shows its strength.

Fast compressed air drive instead of electric:

The U225® injection system works with air pressure, this means that the penetration speed of the needle after release is much faster than with the currently available classic, electric systems. This results in virtually painless treatments when the correct penetration angle is used with the perfectly ground, sharp application needle.

Robust mechanics:

The U225® injection system relies on mechanical controls that are less susceptible to damage. The U225® is very robust and durable even with many applications.

Mesoinjector U225®

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Application of PRP

As PRP is an autologous product and therefore subject to transplantation legislation, the injection system used must have a medical CE certificate. The U225® is a medically tested mesoinjection system and is therefore also approved for the use of Platelet Rich Plasma.

Especially in the scalp area, the U225 injection system is extremely gentle and effective. The desired implicates can be injected without cooling, anaesthesia or other aids. This not only supports the effect of the treatment but also enables a relaxed patient experience.