Promo Italia
PRP Tubes

PRP Tubes with separating gel, simple and efficient

PromoItalia® PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Aufbereitungs Tubes. 

Ideal für die Aufbereitung von Platelet Rich Plasma. Die PRP Tubes von PromoItalia® enthalten ein Trengel und Antikoagulantium bereits vorab im Tube.

Ease of use with a simple tool, fast PRP extraction and adequate application volumes make PromoItalia's tubes stand out.

Each Tray Life® Tube Gel - Box contains 2 test tubes of 9 ml or 12 ml with a sodium citrate anticoagulant and a separation medium consisting of a thixotropic separation gel.


Available sizes:

2 x 12ml or 2 x 9ml

CE Certificate:


Concentration Factor:

1.6x Baseline

Technology by TrayLife®:

The separating gel from the TrayLife® PRP Tubes is particularly noteworthy.

It is a synthetic polymer with unique properties:

  • it is insoluble in plasma: maximum safety and no allergic reactions
  • after centrifugation, it physically interposes itself between the corpuscular part and the platelets, forming a separation barrier: clean plasma without red blood cells. Residues of red blood cells below 3%.
  • The magnetic structure pushes the red blood cells to the bottom of the tube, increasing the efficiency of the separation. The platelet concentration is above 80%.
  • The platelets are concentrated on the surface of the gel, forming a compact and easy-to-remove lens. Platelet concentration factor 1.6

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