Regenerative medicine

Vascular stromal matrix

Platelet-rich plasma

The future belongs to regenerative medicine with stem cells, whose therapeutic approaches are constantly being expanded. The preparation and application of the stromal vascular fraction (SVF) or stromal vascular matrix (SVM) is at the heart of this development.

ibita offers you a simple and ideal mechanical preparation system for fat stem cells. These fat stem cells are used in a wide range of disciplines.

Orthopädische Eingriffe mit dem System von Lipocube™ das ideale System zur mechanischen Aufbereitung von Eigenfett zu Stammzellen


Regenerative therapies can help with neovascularisation and cell replacement or repair in the body. They have the potential to improve blood flow, aid in the healing of serious injuries and relieve age-related cell deterioration.

In der Wundheilung kommen je länger je mehr stärkere regenerativ medizinische Techniken zum Einsatz. Ideal zur Aufbereitung von PRP oder von Stammzellen sind die Produkte von Lipocube™

Wound healing

Regenerative therapies are increasingly used to treat sports and accidental injuries, as well as chronic wounds. They can help when joints, muscles, bones, cartilage and even nerves are damaged.

Ideale Anwendung von regenerativ medizinischen Themen 
mit den Produkten von Lipocube™


Autologous stem cells are used for indications such as erectile dysfunction, penile enlargement and Peyronie's disease.

Approvals or permitted applications:

Currently, the application of regenerative therapies using stromal vascular fraction is very limited. Individual therapies are approved under study conditions and/or specific circumstances. In contrast, the application of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is much simpler and is widely used today.

The following link leads to the Swissmedic guidelines.

Products used for regenerative therapies.

Lipocube™ SVF ist ein mechanisches Aufbereitungssystem für Stammzellen.

Lipocube SVF™

Learn more about the revolutionary technology for the preparation of the Stromal Vascular Matrix here.

Das PRP System von Lipocube™ ist optimal für die Aufbereitung von Platelet Rich Plasma (Vampire Lifting)

Platelet Rich Plasma

Find out more about the various PRP treatment products here.

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Especially in this field, it is necessary that both research and applications are made under the appropriate circumstances. Here we not only offer support but are also happy to be partners for further research in the right direction.

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