Made in Switzerland

The ideal preparation and aftercare for microneedling and mesotherapy

MESOSWISS® ist ein Schweizer Produkt das in Zürich schlieren Produziert wird. 
Das MESOSWISS® PEEL ist die optimale Vorbereitung vor dem Microneedling


To begin with, the MESOSWISS® PEEL is applied evenly and massaged in. This gentle peel has a dual mechanism of action for optimal results. The two enzymes bromelain and papain support this process and cleanse the skin. As a result, skin flakes and sebum can be easily washed off with clear water after the application time. The skin is now deeply cleansed and ready for the next treatment step.


After thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin, MESOSWISS® CELL ACTIVATOR is applied. This highly concentrated gel with the unique active ingredient complex OM24® neutralizes free radicals, repairs damaged skin tissue and supports the collagen formation induced by microneedling. The activation of skin cells leads to better regeneration and significantly shortens the irritation time after the treatment. After the application of the MESOSWISS® CELL ACTIVATOR, the next treatment step follows immediately.

MESOSWISS® Cellaktivator ist ein vorbereitungs Produkt vor der Mesotherapie und dem Microneedling. Ideal vor der Gesichtsbehandlung.
Die MESOSWISS® Refining Cream ist ein beruhigendes Produkt für nach einer Needling (Microneedling) Behandlung oder auch nach einer Mesotherapie.


This rich cream with the unique active ingredient complex OM24® and hyaluronic acid is applied to the entire treated area and forms the conclusion of every microneedling and mesotherapy treatment. It supports the collagen formation induced by microneedling and soothes irritated skin.


This cream is intended for daily use at home and is suitable for use as a day and night cream. Due to the active ingredient complex OM24® and hyaluronic acid, the skin is optimally moisturized and revitalized. With daily use, age spots and pigmentation disorders can be significantly reduced.

Die kleinere MESOSWISS® Refining Cream ist das ideale Home-Care Produkt

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