Platelet Rich Plasma

Autologous blood therapy, Vampire Lifting, PRP

PRP / Platelet Rich Plasma / Vampire Lifting

Platelet-rich plasma is a fundamental element in aesthetic medicine for skin rejuvenation and for strengthening hair growth. Due to different data and needs ibita offers three different systems to meet the requirements of users and patients in an optimal way.

The PRP systems offered by ibita are closed and can therefore be applied safely. The use of Platelet Rich Plasma as an anti-aging and aesthetic treatment has been established for several years. PRP was made famous by Kim Kadashian under Vampire Lifting, among others. Platelet Rich Plasma treatments (Vampire Lift, autologous blood treatment) is considered minimally invasive and atraumatic.

Which PRP processing product fits my needs?

There are different PRP systems; from closed vs. open, single vs. double centrifugation systems, differentiated in price and technology. A wide variety of treatment and success approaches are described in the literature. What they all have in common is that both the application quantity and the concentration of platelets can have an influence on the treatment result.

The right questions to ask yourself before creating a system:
  • Which treatments do I want to apply ?

  • Which application quantity do I want to apply ?
    • Do I differentiate between the treatment areas ?
    • Are additional sales due to more PRP important to me?
    • Do I need more PRP for individual areas?
  • Do I want to be able to change the platelet concentration ?

  • How high can the price of consumables be ?
  • How do I apply the PRP in the future ?
  • Which treatment approaches do I pursue ?
  • Which target group do I want to address with my offer ?
  • Do I want to support the plasma with an additional cocktail or use it alternatively?
  • Do I want to apply the plasma also in the operating room (support of fat treatments)?

This list is not exhaustive, but these are questions that we also ask our partners. Based on the answers, we can decide together which system suits you and your practice.

PRP Tube from Lipocube™

The Platelet Rich Plasma Tubes from Lipocube™ are a preparation tool for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). 
Ideal for mesotherapy and other aesthetic applications.

Lipocube™ convinces with the PRP system by simplifying a process that is often time-consuming and/or complex with other manufacturers. This makes it possible to prepare PRP in an economically efficient manner and not to have to save on the quantity of the application. This can support sustainable success.

Simple tube without separating gel

The Lipocube™ PRP Tube optimally meets the following requirements:

  • Cost-effective
  • Time efficient
  • Also suitable for larger quantities
  • Closed
  • Also available in a kit
  • Platelet concentration can be adjusted
  • Single-Spin System


  • Blood collection:
  • Negative pressure (vacuum)
  • Centrifugal speed:
  • 8 - 10 minutes / 2500 RPM

Product specifications:

  • 10ml tube / 9ml capacity
  • 1ml Sodium Citrate (with anticoagulant in tube)
  • No separating gel
  • Compatible with most laboratory centrifuges
  • Amount of plasma to be extracted:
  • max 4.5 ml per tube

TrayLife Tube GEL (PromoItalia)

TRAYLife® sind Platelet Rich Plasma Tubes zur Aufbereitung von PRP für Microneedling oder Mesotherapie. 
Die Mesotherapie mit PRP nennt man auch Vampire Lifting.

Easy application with a simple tool. Fast PRP extraction and adequate application amounts make the Tubes from PromoItalia stand out.

Each Tray Life Tube Gel box contains 2 test tubes of 9 ml or 12 ml with a sodium citrate anticoagulant and a separating medium consisting of a thixotropic separating gel.

Advantages TrayLife Tube:

  • The separation gel is insoluble in plasma thus maximum safety and no allergic reactions.
  • Centrifugation physically sandwiches the separation gel between the corpuscular part and the platelets, forming a separation barrier: clean plasma free of red blood cells. Residues of red blood cells below 3%.
  • The magnetic structure pushes the red blood cells to the bottom of the tube, increasing the efficiency of separation. Platelet concentration is above 80%.
  • Platelets concentrate on the surface of the gel, forming a compact and easily removable lens that allows a 5-fold concentration factor above baseline.

APGFpro® das revolutionäre Bag-PRP System

With the revolutionary PRP system from APGFpro® you have the possibility to obtain more quantity of PRP in the required concentration.

The collection of up to 85 ml of blood at the end of the preparation process results in a usable number of platelets in the applicator (also 1'000'000 platelets per microliter).

Advantages of APGFpro®
  • Even at six platelet concentrations, you can achieve PRP volumes of more than 5 ml.
  • You efficiently reach 1'000'000 platelets per microliter.
  • The patented bag composition allows easy separation of PRP / PPP / hematocrit.
  • The soft vessel wall protects platelets from centrifugal damage.
  • Low speeds during centrifugation prevent the individual blood components from colliding.
  • 100 % closed with the possibility of recirculation of hematocrit and PPP
  • Low consumables
  • PRP volume 5-fold above baseline: 17 ml

You would like personal support in choosing a product ?

A good comparison of different products is important and useful, so we recommend our partners to find the right product together with us. We are happy to support you directly on site, but also digitally or by phone.

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